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As you may have guessed, we’re blinking busy right now, which is why we haven’t managed to post anything new for a while! As well as our own projects, we’ve also been freelancing for the large and well-known agency Cogent Eliot, which has been great. We get to work on very high-end clients, so it’s fantastic experience and can really inform what we do here at Good Show.

We’re also delighted to announce that we won a pitch for the Birmingham Irish Community Forum website. We went in with an honest pitch that explained how we work and who we are, and after a long chat and a few cups of tea (that lead to lots of ideas being formed and us all getting excited) we were offered the job. It promises to be a fantastic project. The site will showcase news and events listings to do with everything Irish in Birmingham and will encourage users to generate content while providing the space for people to promote their own clubs, societies and organisations. It will even feature an interactive map of the area. Watch this space for developments!

We’ve also developed our relationship with Petit Gourmand restaurant and are now also advising them on the decoration of their interiors as well as their advertising materials. We started out by simply maintaining their old website, but soon showed them what they could be doing with their brand and impressed them enough that we’ve gone on to redevelop their websites, as well as working with them on a number of different projects.

Also on the cards is a redesign and rebuild of a website for a videographer based in Nottingham. Boxset Media need their site to feature a client area where clients can log in and view cuts of their film and video projects and also download materials and documents. It’s a challenging site, and we’re looking forward to getting it just right for them.

Here’s a taster of a little something I’ve been working on today, which is a poster for Petit Gourmand. Thanks for reading!


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